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Your One Degree energizes Christ-followers by identifying their unique design so they can live out their God-given purpose.

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What is Your One Degree?

Of the 360 degrees in life you can go, Your One Degree is unique to you. It has to do with direction and focus. It is your unique Particular Purpose and why God created you and what He has been preparing you for your entire life. Your One Degree is a personalized, coach driven program helping you discover and implement your unique God-given Design. It is a deeply spiritual process of facing down one’s fears, dealing with one’s motives, growing in God’s ways and trusting Him more in order to live a life filled with significance, purpose and joy.

How We Coach

A coach for Your One Degree will provide insight, perspective, direction, accountability and encouragement. Your coach will listen, provide feedback and assign homework; all of which guides you down a path to discover your true Design and purpose. By the time you finish discovering Your One Degree, you will be able to recognize opportunities and feel empowered to freely say "yes" and "no" to situations that arise. This freedom and boldness will enable you to be yourself and to better steward who God has made you to be.

Dave Jewitt coaching a participant in Your One Degree program.

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