Of the 360 degrees in life you can go, Your One Degree is unique to you. It has to do with direction and focus. It is your unique Particular Purpose and why God created you and for what He has been preparing you for your entire life. Your One Degree is a personalized, coach driven program helping you discover and implement your unique God-given Design. It is a deeply spiritual process of facing down one’s fears, dealing with one’s motives, growing in God’s ways and trusting Him more in order to live a life filled with significance, purpose and joy.

You have 360 degrees of direction in life…
One Degree is unique to you

In a world of countless opportunities and constant change, there is a desperate need for people to know themselves 

Many smart people realize they need to get focused in their lives but just don’t know how to do it. They find themselves continually drawn into situations and responsibilities which yield disappointing results, lack of fulfillment or have little impact.

Your One Degree is a process that has been developed and field tested over the past two decades. Our goal is to help you:

  • Have a more precise and useful description of yourself
  • Grow in your relationship with the Lord, by understanding your design
  • Gain skill in making better daily decisions that are more in line with who you are
  • Get on a path of greater purpose, focus, effectiveness, and satisfaction

The people who gain the most from this process are those looking for a better life, not just a better job. Your personal Coach will guide you through this process, teaching you how to focus your life, make better decisions – moving away from roles, functions, and activities that are not productive.

YOD for Individuals

What are you doing to stay energized in your job? How do you make decisions about your life? Of the 360 degrees on a compass, Your One Degree is God’s precise direction and focus for you. Your particular purpose. Read More

YOD for Couples

Are you a couple in the second-half of life searching for identity and purpose. What will their legacy be? What type of generational impact will they have? YOD can help them discover their design both individually and as a couple. Read More

YOD for Leaders

Whether you are a leader in business or ministry, God has uniquely prepared you to help fulfill the Great Commission. Leading from your DESIGN will allow you to more effectively inspire and impact the lives of others. Read More

The two most important days in your life are the day you are born and the day you discover why

Mark Twain

Coaching Materials

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There is no financial obligation for the personalized coaching but YOU WILL NEED TO PURCHASE the Book/Workbook Combo for $79.00 before we assign you a Coach and begin the process.