YOD for Individuals

How do you make decisions about your life?  What are you doing to stay energized in your job?  Are you leading your family or organziation as effectively as you would like?  Have you ever experienced being ‘in the zone’ having the right stuff at the right time? What if you could live in that place more often?  On Purpose?

Your One Degree is a coaching relationship that guides you through a series of exercises to help you discover and live in your unique DESIGN (the way God created you to be).  Over the last two decades, we’ve refined this process, and helped thousands of individuals live a life of Focus, Fulfillment and Freedom.  Click the GET STARTED button below so a Coach can contact you to begin your journey!



“Ultimately, all men are looking for peace and freedom in their soul. We try many things in pursuit of it. Truth is, the only way we can gain that peace is by abiding in Christ. When we abide in Christ, He reveals to us how he designed us and the plans He has for our life. Everything looks different when we know who we are. Your One Degree is the best tool I have seen to help you discover your unique design. I became a better individual, spouse, and leader as a result”