YOD for Leaders

Are you a Leader in a Church, a Business, a Ministry Organization?

Are you making the maximum impact you desire?  Many highly competent, well intentioned leaders lack confidence, focus and challenge. Eventually becoming bored, frustrated, angry and unfulfilled often leading to burn out. This is not what God intended. Your role (and ministry) is crucial to the development of others and the overall success of your organization’s mission and goals.
What if you could have more confidence and freedom by knowing your DESIGN? Whether you are a leader in business or ministry, God has uniquely prepared you to help fulfill the Great Commission. Leading from your DESIGN will allow you to more effectively inspire and impact the lives of others. Already in 26 countries, YOD is influencing communities and cultures around the world by equipping and strengthening key strategic leaders like yourself.
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“Leaders need to know who they are, what they are best at and how to focus for maximum contribution in work, life, ministry, family. I coach both seasoned executives and emerging leaders. Partnering with Dave Jewitt and the One Degree team has made a huge difference. YOD is not just another self-assessment tool…it’s spiritual, professional and very relational. It helps leaders make a long term impact. I and hundreds of leaders are so grateful for the ministry of YOD. Don’t coach or mentor a leader without it.” — Paul Stanley, renowned Leadership Consultant and author of the book ‘Connecting’