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Frequently Asked Questions

Is Your One Degree for me?


Your One Degree is not for everyone but if you are willing to put in the work, the reward will certainly be worth it. In many cases, the end result is life-changing. Your One Degree is a biblically based program. All of our coaches are Christian. It is important that you have an understanding of General Christian Purpose, the larger story given to us in the Scriptures as principles, commands and directives leading us into an abiding relationship with Jesus Christ. Your One Degree helps you then clarify your unique Particular Purpose. That being said, if you are committed to finding answers, we can help you. We have coached all types of people - professionals, entrepreneurs, homemakers, pastors, executives, blue collar and corporate employees.

How does Your One Degree differ from other Coaching programs?


Your One Degree is a series of self-reflecting exercises facilitated by your coach. Your coach guides you after identifying practical words and understandings that help you make more focused yes/no decisions. Instead of focusing on the next big project, YOD focuses on practical daily application from which you’ve learned. YOD is not a personality or aptitude test. Your coach puts you in a position to hear directly from God. Ultimately revealing how he has given you a unique purpose and DESIGN.


You’ll know yourself better, and see how your God-given design has shaped your past, and can shape your future. Knowing Your One Degree helps Christianity make more sense - discovering the partnership you were designed to walk in.

What is the Coaches role?


The coach is your Guide, providing you with materials and encouragement. Your coach will ask questions, challenge you to think outside normal parameters and hold you accountable to the process. Your coach will schedule appointments to meet with you one on one via the phone, Skype, Facetime, Zoom, or face-to-face.

How do I know when I have completed the Coaching process?


Initially, you will complete the coaching process when your confidence in what you’ve learned is applied to your current decisions, roles, and responsibilities. While your coach will not pressure you to finish or continue, they will give you their suggestions on your best next steps. The time allotted in the process is typically appropriate for completion. It is likely that you will form a bond with your coach, using them as a sounding board for advice and wisdom in the years ahead.

What about confidentiality?


All of the discussions, your feedback from questions, etc., both verbal and written are held strictly confidential. The materials from this website are copyrighted and we request that they not be made available to other parties without written authorization from

Does Your One Degree provide marital or psychological counseling?


No. While some principles and wisdom gleaned from this process will aid a marriage, this is not the main purpose of this process. The self-assessments are not psychological in nature. We are not probing why you are who you are, we are just trying to help you get practical answers to predominant aspects of your life and how you can best use and leverage those to maximize your life.

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